Artwork Services

Artwork Services - EmbellishFx

At EmbellishFx, we understand the importance of bringing your creative visions to life. Our dedicated Artwork Services are designed to cater to your customization needs with precision and creativity. Whether you're looking to enhance your brand, create unique promotional materials, or personalize apparel, our team of skilled artisans is here to assist you every step of the way.

Our Artwork Services Include:

  1. Custom Design Creation:

    • Collaborate with our talented designers to create custom artwork tailored to your specifications.
    • Express your brand identity through unique and eye-catching designs.
  2. Artwork Editing and Enhancement:

    • Already have a design? Our team can assist with editing and enhancing your artwork to ensure it meets the highest standards.
  3. Logo Design:

    • Need a distinctive logo for your business or organization? Let our designers craft a memorable logo that captures your essence.
  4. Color Matching:

    • Ensure consistency across your branding materials with precise color matching services.
  5. Vectorization:

    • Convert raster images into scalable vector formats, ideal for achieving crisp and clear prints.
  6. Digitization for Embroidery:

    • Prepare your logo or design for embroidery with our digitization services, ensuring a professional and polished look on fabric.
  7. Mockup Creation:

    • Visualize how your design will look on various products with our mockup creation services. Perfect for assessing the final result before production.
  8. Design Consultation:

    • Not sure where to start? Our design team is available for consultations, offering guidance and insights to bring your ideas to fruition.

Why Choose Our Artwork Services?

  1. Expertise:

    • Our team consists of skilled designers with a keen eye for detail and a passion for creative expression.
  2. Collaboration:

    • We believe in collaboration and work closely with our clients to understand their vision and deliver personalized solutions.
  3. Quality Assurance:

    • Our commitment to quality extends to every aspect of our Artwork Services, ensuring that your designs meet the highest standards.
  4. Timely Delivery:

    • We understand the importance of deadlines. Our efficient processes ensure timely delivery of your finalized artwork.

When dealing with DTF prints it is important to know artwork is to be 300 dpi with a transparent background and a minimum width anywhere on design of 0.018 inch.  When you submit artwork to be printed, please note it is your responsibility to make sure all guidelines are met. We may catch "not so great" artwork, but that is not always the case.  The printer prints exactly what it sees. We do not alter any artwork provided to us without being asked.  A fee will be associated with services rendered.  For optimal results, please gang solid white images on a separate gang.

Color Disclaimer: Actual colors may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colors and that everyone sees these colors differently. Please understand the actual color may vary slightly from your monitor. We cannot guarantee that the color you see accurately portrays the true color of the transfer; however, if you're artwork is set up with specific color codes typed in, it will be extremely close.  Hours have been spent tweaking the color profiles to match as close as possible to pantone color chart.  We sell color charts printed directly from our printers and highly recommend you purchase one if a job requires a certain color-match.

When uploading a gang to our website to be printed we take that as you have read and agree to terms listed. EFX hold no responsibility for mistakes with images being cut off, sizing of images, or poor resolution. Furthermore, you are agreeing that you understand no refunds on product once purchased.  For a copy of the DTF waiver, please ask.

Embroidery artwork is a little different. Images can be uploaded for a quote. At that time, we will be able to tell if it is usable or not. Thread colors can be matched as closely as possible with in stock colors. However, if an exact thread match is a must, it will be considered a special thread order and will be charged out accordingly.

Ready to elevate your designs? Contact us at or call 859-412-1864 to discuss your artwork needs. Let EmbellishFx be your creative partner in bringing your ideas to life!